Red Cross Emblem

The Red Cross Movement was founded in 1863 in Switzerland, which is well known as a neutral country. The National flag of the country is a white cross on red back ground. The emblem of Red Cross Movement was selected as a Red Cross on a White background.

The Red Cross Emblem is a neutral sign for exclusive use by those belonging to the Red Cross Movement and Army Medical Services, who are involved in humanitarian work mainly in times of natural disasters and armed conflicts respectively. It is not the emblem of Medical Profession, Hospital, Ambulance and Pharmacy and its use is regulated by international and national laws.

The authorized users of the Emblem are:

1.The military medical services, their personnel, units, installations and means of transport.

2.International Committee of the Red Cross.

3.The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

4.The National Societies.


Emblem Specifications

The cross must always be in plain solid red. Their shapes must not be altered.

The cross must always appear on a white background. No variations, not even beige or grey shading, are allowed.

No lettering, design or object should be superimposed on the white background or on the cross itself. The cross must be two dimensional, not three dimensional.

The cross may not be used in series as a border, repetitive decoration, and typographic embellishment or shown as a drawing in perspective. The emblem must not be redrawn or altered in any way.

The authorized emblems for use by Doctors, Hospital, Ambulance and Pharmacy are given as follows:





The Law regulating the use of the Red Cross emblem in India is the Geneva Conventions Act 1960. Any unauthorized use of the emblem is a punishable offence.